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Everybody has an occasion where they need to order flowers online for somebody, be it a Birthday or flowers for your Mum, Friend, Wife or Girlfriend, Grandma, Aunt, Sister, Brother, Colleague, an Anniversary, Get well soon or just to say Thank You! Which Flowers should you get? Choosing for the right Occasion can be difficult because flowers aren’t just about appearances, to different people they mean different things, but in general, flowers do have individual meanings and sending the wrong type to somebody who knows their meanings could be disastrous…

To help you along here is a list of different flowers with photos and meanings so hopefully, you will be better equipped to make your decision.

Flower Selection

Flowers – Roses

Roses are a very popular and significant flower in arrangements. Although there are over 100 different varieties, those traditionally used in arrangements usually open up from a small pointed bud to be a cupped shape with lots of large curved petals once in bloom, with small thorns on the stem.

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Since ancient times, roses have been associated with love and beauty and the different colour of the rose given also has traditional, symbolic meanings. For example, red roses are believed to represent a very true passionate love, explaining their popularity around Valentine’s Day. White roses suggest a pure love and when combined with red roses also they can mean unity. Yellow roses are believed to signify friendship, or joy in combinations with red. Lavender and blue roses can be given to represent love at first sight and pink for grace and beauty.

Typical 12 Red Roses Arrangement you get from Online Florist Bunches

12 Red Roses

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Flowers – Lilies

Lilies are large, yet graceful flowers, usually featuring six elongated pointy petals spread around the pollen stems, which stick out in the center. Petals can be arranged to give the lily a funnel kind of shape, or completely open, so they almost seem to curve back around on themselves. There is a significant variety of different types of lilies although many are beautifully scented. Lilies are also available in a wide variety of colours and can have little coloured spots and markings on them.

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Having been cultivated for thousands of years, these beautiful flowers are steeped in symbolism and different meanings. Casablanca lilies have an all white colour and tend to be popular in weddings as a result, they symbolise celebration. An all white colour on lilies is also related with purity, sweetness and modesty. Often lilies of this colour can also be sent to extend sympathy or at funerals, to suggest restored innocence. Tiger lilies have an all orange colour with dark spots and signify desire and passion. Stargazer lilies are notable for the dark pink or red centre and white outlining on their petals which can symbolise romance and prosperity. Scarlet coloured lilies suggest aspiration and pure and hopeful intentions.

Lily Arrangement featuring citrus range Lilies from Florist Bunches

Orange Lilies

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Flowers – Carnations

Carnations are one of the most popular flowers in the UK, due to their incredible versatility and vitality in arrangements, capable of surviving for up to 3 weeks once cut . Typically featuring several blooms per stem, the flowers themselves have a medium size and are distinguished by their delicate petals with a serrated edge, which gives them a quite frilly, ruffled look. Many varieties also boast quite a sweet scent. Carnations come in a wide variety of different colours, and can feature a single all over colour or be striped or flecked.

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In general, carnations symbolise fascination, distinction and love. Red carnations in particular are associated with this emotion, with lighter shades suggesting admiration and deeper darker shades believed to signify deep romantic love. This makes them popular for occasions such as Anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Pink carnations are often associated with a mother’s undying love, as Christian legend says that they first appeared where Mary’s tears fell when Jesus was crucified. White carnations can be given to suggest innocence, a purity of love and faithfulness or to express well-wishes, which means they can be used as a flower of remembrance. Carnations of a solid colour suggest a positive affirmation of an emotion or sentiment.

Carnation Arrangement from Bunches featuring purple, white and purple-edged Spray Carnations

Carnations Arrangements

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Flowers – Freesia

Compared to many other flower types, freesias are relatively new to the western world, having only been imported since around the 1950s. Despite this they are incredibly sought after. Freesias feature an unusual shape, with a little row of up to 10 small six petaled flowers, typically funnel shaped, growing out of the one side of the stem. As buds, they will hang down below the stem, but once opened, they will face directly upwards instead. Their beautiful and citrus-like scent makes them very versatile and popular in arrangements.

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Their unique and delicate appearance means they are often associated with representing acting gracefully, especially in difficult circumstances or when under pressure, and some sources suggest the flowers symbolise being spirited. More specifically, yellow freesias are said to represent friendship. Whilst white freesias represent innocence. In more recent times, the freesia has come to be associated as the flower signifying the 7th wedding anniversary.

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Flowers – Tulips

Particularly popular around spring time, when they naturally bloom, they feature in lots of arrangements at this time. In nearly all varieties, tulips have one medium to large sized flower per stem with its six petals giving it a cupped or starred shape. They are available in a huge variety of colours and in some varieties this colour can grow darker closer to its centre, particularly on the inside. Some varieties of tulips can also have a striped or variegated look, with two different colours. Traditionally, tulips are believed to have derived their name from the Persian word for turban, due to perceived similarities in shape.

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Tulips, have a long history with many different meanings attached. Traditionally, in Persia, a red tulip was believed to be a declaration of love, whilst the black centre of the tulip was believed to show that the lover’s heart had been burnt to coal owing to the intensity of their passion. A yellow tulip was associated with loving hopelessly and completely. Later symbolism attached to tulips is that a red tulip symbolises undying true love, purple tulips are associated with royalty, pink tulips with being caring. White tulips are believed to represent forgiveness, but are also associated with purity, making them popular in wedding arrangements, funeral arrangements and when giving flowers to those with a newborn baby. Tulips where the petals feature different colours in a pattern, are representative of “beautiful eyes”.

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Flowers – Lisianthus

Lisianthus, also known as eustoma, feature four broad and delicately frilled petals, giving them a soft funnel or bell shape. However, they are also available in a double-petalled form, when they appear much fuller and can often be confused with roses. The flowers are a medium-large size, usually around two inches wide, and are available in white, cream, pinks, lilacs, purples and can also be bicoloured. They keep particularly well once cut and can last for around 3 weeks, in suitable conditions.

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The name eustoma, comes from the greek words “eu”, meaning beautiful, and “stoma” meaning mouth, therefore giving these flowers can symbolise a belief that the recipient is particularly beautiful. Traditionally, lisianthus are associated with deep heartfelt love, which, coupled with their soft romantic look, is perhaps why they are often popular in arrangements for events such as weddings and romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day. More recently, lisianthus are viewed to mean appreciation or adoration of someone with a (potentially) outgoing personality.

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Flowers – Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria, also known as the peruvian lily, are a striking yet delicate flower, typically with multiple blooms per stem, with it completely possible for each one stem to have up to 10 flowers. Their six petals form a gently fluted funnel shape and can look opulent, with many varieties having two petals slightly enlarged and often “patterned” with small brush strokes, or dabs in a different colour. Flowers are available in a broad spectrum of different colours, and will naturally be either single or bi-coloured. In general, they have very little scent and as such work well in arrangements with the stronger scented roses, lilies or freesia.

Order alstroemeria flowers uk florists

Unusually, the leaves on alstroemeria will be upside down, as they twist around during growth. As such, they are often symbolically associated with friendship, commitment and devotion as this is believed to show an unbreakable bond, despite the trials and changes of life. As a result, alstroemeria are also representative of an undying love for the recipient. In addition, they are believed to signify good luck with new ventures, in both personal and business scenarios and prosperity and suggest that the person giving them believes in the long-lasting success of the venture, or new chapter the recipient is undertaking.

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